Close to market, close to science

The water conditioning market is under continual development and expectations change. It is for this reason that Aquacare makes continual investments in the science and technology of water treatment to ensure that future products are not only more efficient but also environmentally friendly. Our close cooperation with Academic Institutions helps us to bring new technologies to the market place.

An excellent example of this cooperation is the development of our unique biocide free cooling water treatment “BiOPhree”

By utilising specialised adsorption techniques in the treatment of the make-up water of an evaporative cooling system we are able to reduce phosphorous concentration to virtually zero. This leads to the lack of an essential nutrient for biological growth, this reducing the potential for after growth in the cooling system.

BiOPhree is simple, effective and sustainable

An additional benefit is, that the anti-scalant we use in these evaporative cooling systems is phosphorous free. The blowdown of these cooling systems does not contain any toxic materials or environmental damaging contaminants.

Aquacare is available to help you with:

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Chemical and mechanical cleaning

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Consultancy, design and engineering

Water treatment formulations

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Maintenance of all types of water treatment and evaporative cooling equipment

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