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Metering and control equipment

4AQUA SWC Smart Water Control

The smart 4AQUA SWC system is an unprecedented leap forward in controlling and monitoring your water treatment provisions using custom software developed by Aquacare Europe, in cooperation with a specialised IT partner.

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4AQUA CCM 3000

The 4AQUA CCM 3000 flushing-metering control has specially been developed for water treatment in cooling towers and evaporating condensers. With its many inputs and outputs this control can be used highly flexibly. For instance, flushing can be controlled with or without inductive or conductive conductivity measurement.

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4AQUA CVC 2000 multifunctional flushing-metering control

The 4AQUA CVC 2000 is a modern flushing and metering control unit that can be used in virtually any water system.

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4AQUA CCM 2000 multifunctional flushing-metering control

The 4AQUA CCM 2000 is an advanced flushing and metering control unit that ensures the right water quality in your systems. A continuous conductivity measurement unit controls the flushing quantity. This measurement is temperature-compensated.

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BCD-Sluis Reducing the microbial count down to drinking water level!

The 4AQUA BCD-Sluis in combination with the high-active disinfectant AQUACARE BCD is one of the most efficient systems for controlling algae, fungi, slime bacteria and Legionella in water systems.

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HALOX systems

Halox offers “state-of-the-art” technology for safely generating and metering chlorine dioxide. The generator produces highly pure chlorine dioxide.

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Metering pumps

Metering pumps are used for metering water treatment agents at the highest possible accuracy.

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