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 4AQUA CCM 3000


Dear Customer,

We are well aware of REACH and that it has become a factual European regulation in the course of 2008, as are the projected timetable for pre-registration and registration.

The regulation in its present form remains complex and when adopted will have significant impacts on all manufacturers, importers and downstream users in the European Union, and require their joint collaboration across all supply chains.

There is a general concern about the potential for some chemical substances to be withdrawn from the European market as a consequence of REACH, either due to regulatory action or commercial considerations, and the impact this may have for downstream users.

Aquacare Europe B.V. will endeavour all aspects of compliance with future REACH obligations and will give certainty that all our products will continue to be available under said regulations.

We are committed to meeting our legal obligations under REACH, as a formulator/ downstream user and have started a taskforce on it.
All our products are indentified and classified.
All our suppliers are identified, informed and committed to pre-registration and registration. We have indentified your use of our products and Chemical Safety Reports are being made. At this time we are updating our Safety Data Sheets to be compliant with REACH regulations.

For this moment we are not in a position to provide more detailed answers to your questions or fill up any detailed questionnaire.

However, if you consider that any product(s) we supply to you is a very critical component in your operations, we would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.


Aquacare Europe BV
Head of REACH workgroup.